Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fee for Public Health Compliance

Minnesota is struggling with a budget problem. $6,000,000 of one. So, Gov. T-Paw is searching for ways to "cut corporate taxes" and some how concurrently cut spending without pissing off the electorate toooo much, since he's allowed to run for re-election next year. Minnesota has developed a byzantine system of "fees", rather than "taxes". So, what sort of fees could we start charging? an intriguing question posed by an MPR blog. My suggestion follows STFU&GBTW's complaint about vaccination compliance.

Implement a fee in order to refuse vaccination. You don't want to vaccinate your kid? Okay, but you'll need to pony up $1,000.

$1k too much? Not to the parents of the child who catches whooping cough from your immuno-retarded* kid. Who are going to miss work, since they can't send the child to day care or school. In addition to losing money from lost work, they'll spend more money on doctor's bills, medication, and the extra care items otherwise unnecessary. Renting Bob the Builder, Built to be Wild, so that Jr. doesn't go berserk cooped up in bed for a week or two.

Nope, start collecting the $1k, and use it to subsidize the public health costs.

*immunodeficient or immunocompromised should not be shanghaied by retards who don't believe in scientific theory or Koch's Principles. I advocate immuno-retarded, to incorporate the inherent stupidity of the parents.

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