Tuesday, January 13, 2009

wierd-o words

Bastardization of the German language: There are 'borrowed' words between many languages. teenaged angst (German), weltanschaung (German), mach's nichts (yiddish), C'est la vie (French), et cetera (Latin). There are some, which are exceedingly modern, for which there were no words, and therefore they took the new word wholesale: Web, Internet, etc. However, one occasionally runs into a word, which already exists in one language, which is supplanted by some other language (often these days, English). While reading the news in German, I am occasionally stuck by these, as they really disrupt the flow of reading: I'm pretty sure you can figure out what these mean in English:

spam (technology, not culinary)-noun
spamen - verb
Pop Star
gegoogle (look closely)

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Anonymous said...

I love this! It's so much fun to see how English has influenced other languages and vice versa. I was fascinated, years ago, with how many similar words there were in Russian and German. I didn't think they were at all related.