Monday, January 5, 2009

Misc. photos

well, just pictures from the past few months.

At the Minnesota Zoo

Little life-scale examples of birds. Jr.Gopher#1 wanted to see who matched which bird.

The Gregor-sized stuffed bear got his attention.

The zoo has a new exhibit, the "Siberian Coast". It's pretty impressive. The grizzly bears are - as you can see - rather close.

In addition to the bears (and other interesting animals), there's an archaeological "dig" of a wooly mammoth, which apparently have been found here, as well as in Siberia. At least this exhibit is one where they needn't worry too much about the animals abilities to survive the Minnesota winters.

The boys have decided that they like their new blankets (well, actually duvets) ...

Sunday Breakfast

I need my coffee ...

Christmas Eve

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