Saturday, January 17, 2009

email accounts

How many email accounts do you have? We've gone from "wow, you have an email account?" to me writing "I forgot to check this account" or being asked "which email address should I use?" Almost everyone I know has at least 2: home & work. I have 5:

U of M - got it because I'm a student & that's where everything professional goes. Check every day, but not weekends.

gmail 1 - what I think of as my "personal" one - only friends/family get it. Check every day

yahoo 1 - old account left from when I had only 1 - that's where all of the bills/on-line registration/I-want-your-money stuff goes. Check at least once/week. Address I give any group/company which might result in junk-mail. If someone needs an email address, but they're not a friend, they get this.

yahoo 2 - old account left from when my boss wouldn't give me one at work, and I needed it. Some professional news-group discussion goes there, because it generates *waaaay* too many emails/day. Check every couple months. If I go back to that specialty, I'll start using it again.

gmail 2 - this is where things for political groups, MN/US legislators, MPR, civic-duty groups and other politically-oriented serious stuff. When/if I get around to actively joining a political party's election efforts this year (my first time ever), I'll use this.

I like to be organized (doesn't happen often, but I like to be) - this lets me sort out communication based upon what use it for. Especially my personal gmail account (the one that my family/friends have) gets a few emails/day, nice & manageable. And, after all, if I don't want all of them, I can just go back to having two.

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