Monday, December 22, 2008

in perspective

so, I really blew the first part of my final last night. Totally blew it. Great, so now I've got more pressure to study for this 2nd part, which is 20% of the grade. What to do?

Sit down w/ my grade & the class syllabus. What's my grade right now? How hard do I need to drive myself this morning & afternoon? Will I be able to get home to put up the Christmas tree, now that we have a functional tree stand?

Just to put things in perspective ... If I don't even take the exam, I'll get a C. This is not a passing grade, for grad school (B- is).

Just to put things in perspetive ... All I need to get a B- is 24%

By utter random chance, otherwise known as sheer dumb luck, I should be able to exceed this

ahhhh, the sound of stress departing


Anonymous said...

Every time I thought I'd blown an exam I'd actually done much better than I'd thought. So, I'm hoping that's the case for you.

Sorry about the incomplete. Somehow the semester should really end in January instead of around the holidays. But alas....

Gopher MPH said...

yeah, well, unfortunately, this is an on-line, computer graded exam. 2 minutes after clicking "submit", I got the grade. ah, well.

Anonymous said...

Good grief.