Monday, December 8, 2008

Hades Erupts

God, the world is just going to hell in a hand basket. Peter & I spent our honeymoon in Greece. The beginning and end of the trip was in Athens. I must be out of touch with the world, since the news was "Day 3 of rioting in Athens". Video here is in German, here is in English, or of course, in Greek (this is the best footage).

We were staying in a little blue-collar neighborhood in downtown Athens, which looks a bit like some of the footage seen. This is what it looked like 5 years ago. The real "city center" is behind the photographer. The only marches we saw was upon the victory of the Greek national soccer team in the prelude to winning the European Championship.

And, just in case you're thinking that 'all hell has broken loose' ... the Gates of Hades are actually located about 4 hours south of Athens, here:

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I didn't know that anyone had found the ACTUAL gate to hell. You'd think Satan would spend a little money to fix it up, make it look more alluring....