Wednesday, October 22, 2008

21 - 16 - 0

I actually need to pause and consider who to vote for in the US Senate election next month. While it's a pretty safe bet that I'd vote for the DFL candidate ... I'm not so doctrinaire that I wouldn't at least consider the Republican. And, of course, having a viable (currently holding 18% in polls) Independence Party, I have a 3rd to think about. And, before you think "god, 18%?" -- the other 2 have 36 and 39%.

Minnesota Public Radio has a Pick the Candidate page to match your opinions vs. the candidates on 11 policy questions. The Healthy Gopher matching rate was:
Franken (DFL): 9/11
Barkley (IP): 8/11
Coleman (R): 1/11

hmmmm... maybe I don't need to consider Coleman so much after all. The fact I concur with this position on stem cell research pales, utterly pales, in comparison to funding education, health care & energy.

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