Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Pictures

Well, of course, here comes Autumn. The Halloween pictures will get put up sometime after tomorrow night.

We went out to an apple orchard somewhere east of here (not quite into Wisconsin) for a family day in the country. We wanted to ensure the boys understood that food comes from somewhere other than Cub Foods or Aldi.

It was a completely idyllic day. Blue skies, white clouds, pleasant temperature, not too crowded (at least when we showed up it wasn't). There was a taste-testing table at the front of the orchard, to determine which of their varieties you wanted.

And, of course, what Autumnal harvesting would be complete without pumpkins?

Jack o' Lanterns for Halloween & one for MamaGopher to for a completely-from-scratch pumpkin pie.

Well, rather than quicksand, they had a quick-hay pile. Just sucked the kids right up.

It was a wee bit long for some of the wee ones. Jr.Gopher2 was draggin' his wagon by lunch time.

If you're tired enough, any pillow is soft.

Those are Regent apples in the bag.

Wandering around the orchard having a late-morning snack.

Not quite the Garden of Eden, but thankfully no snakes.

The boys

Well, both boys are beginning to develop a sense of style. Of Fashion. Of Savoir Faire. well, of something.

check out both pairs of shoes.

Sing us a song, Mr. Piano Man

That little red thing is a stuffed lobster. Courtesy of a Maine-based scientific instrument company that makes ventilation equipment.

Seriously, talk about photogenic.

Jr.Gopher #1 has developed camera shyness. Try to take his picture, and he turns his back to you. Well, hopefully, he'll get over it and there will be more in the future.

We've got Jr.Gopher #1 Halloween costume made, ready for his pre-school party in the day, and the Trick-or-Treating in the evening. #2 costume, made to go with #1, is partially made. I ran out of spray paint, and need to hit the hardware store tomorrow.

Peter is going to make a foray on his first-ever trick-or-treating with our neighbors. The neighbor's adult "guys" are going out with their favorite potable Beverage in an Unobtrusive Container to escort the kiddies. Mrs. Neighbor & I will man the fortress walls against incoming hoards of children. .. well, we've no idea, but I'm looking forward to meeting some of the neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos! And what a good idea to show the boys where apples come from.