Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hocky Fan Mom

I like hockey. I'm hoping Santa Claus brings me a ticket to the Wings' game here in town in January. I am not, nor shall I ever be, a 'hockey mom' (like I'm going to let my boys do that on a serious team? Be real. Pond hockey yes; NHL no). Soccer mom, maybe if you can be one without letting it consume your soul. We might have a mini-van, though. With camping gear.

After hearing about this for several days, I finally found a functional internet connection, and watched it. Wow. Awesome!

The Nation's comment about Failin' Palin hiding behind her daughter's skirts was the most laughable. If she's going to drag the little kid out onto the ice, to keep the Flyer fans from booing her, the least she could do is give the kid the damn puck.

Although, as a PR point someone should have made to her, she should have avoided the Burbury coat and worn a hockey jersey. Not from the Flyers (whose fans might have been even more enraged), but the U.Alaska/Fairbanks. They have a nice team. "Rah rah hockey" without the "I'm sucking up" factor.

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