Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guitar Hero?

An e-mail note from Gregor's day-care:

Funny/Naughty/Smart Gregor story: I was trying to screw the rake back on to the handle but the 2 youngest, including Gregor wanted to strum the rake like it was a guitar. Tried as I may, I couldn't screw it on with them strumming so I asked them to stop. Gregor finally stopped after a few times and walked straight over to the "baby grass" [newly seeded lawn] and sat down in it. I asked him to get out. He looked down at the grass and back and me and gave me that contented look.

On the outside, I let him know I didn't appreciate the behavior with a time out. But on the inside, I died of laughter at his form of rebellion.

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Anonymous said...

What a smart Gregor! And he connected the rake to the new grass area. Wie klug, wie klug!

Ah, and don't they start so young with that rebellion stuff....