Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Secretary of State has set a goal to get at least 80% to actually turnout and vote on election day.

As of last Friday, 3.13 million people are registered to vote here in Minnesota. The total eligible voters are 3.7 million. So, at the moment, 85% of the population is registered, with another 5,000 every 2 weeks.

Considering that we're allowed to "register" at the polls, it's expected that the state will pass the 77% turnout in '04. I think they're trying to keep the "highest percentage turn out in the country" title here.

On my way to school today, there was someone getting out the vote. "Excuse me! Do you know if you're registered to vote?" occasionally followed by "at your current address" and once "are you eligible to vote?"

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