Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Study Finds That 35 Percent Of BlackBerry And PDA Users Would Choose Their Device Over Their Spouse

87 percent said they bring their devices into the bedroom.

"It can actually ruin relationships," said Dr. Susan Bartell, a psychologist and relationship expert. Bartell said couples should be interfacing more, but with each other. "People are so focused on their PDAs, they're not focusing on what might be going wrong in their relationships," Bartell said.


I know a fellow who has a BlackBerry and who uses it compulsively. Of course, watching his relationship with his wife, I'm left wondering if it's simply "I gotta have it" or whether it's "If I'm focused on this, she won't bother me or at least I can pretend not to notice her ragging on me".

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Anonymous said...

The cell phone can do the same thing to any relationship. I'm fortunate not to know anyone with a blackberry right now.

In my Perceval future, there are 12-step groups for various tech addictions.