Wednesday, September 10, 2008


More from Minnesota

Gregor & Josie (our neighbors' daughter, who is also MIchael's best friend)

If you've been in a Catholic church, or seen much older European art, all of the saints have a standard symbol that goes with their images/icons, for all of those folks who pre-date photography. E.g Catherine has a wheel, George has a staff/spear. St. Albert the Great, appparently, has a frog. Really.

Sunday afternoon lunch @ Falafel King: Michael & Mr. Giraffe

Michael (blue hat) & the kids & Frau Anna from German pre-school at the GAI Family Day

Gregor @ GAI Family Day

Gregor's daycare group. He's in the foreground. The photo was taken on the day the kids had gotten a pair of guinea pigs ("Heavy Duty" & "Duke"), and were enthralled with them. Gregor, apparently, was more interested in disassembling the outdoor fence for the little critters. If you come visit (hint, hint), you'll notice this is our front yard. Gregor's daycare is in the other half of our duplex.

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