Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whatcha readin' ?

Some miscellaneous thing on the web solicited an answer to "What are you reading this month?"

I paused to consider ...

Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health
Risk Assessment in Environmental Health
miscellaneous scientific articles on ethics and epidemiology
Essentials of Air Contamination
Mountains beyond Mountains (non-fiction, about public health)
Stalin's Ghost: M.C.Smith (fiction) - as soon as it's done, it will be the end of reading for my own pleasure

Put on hold, due to the beginning of school:
Chronicles of the Black Company
vol 12 of the J.Evanovich books

Last Fall semester, I was in the public health's student lounge, with my feet up taking a break from studying. Another student walks by, stops, does a double take, and walks back to stand in front of me. She tilts her head to look at the cover of the book I'm holding, and asks in a tone of wonder and chastisement: "Are you reading for pleasure?" Several of us noticed that we hadn't read anything 'for fun' since school started. Last week, a friend in my program told me she was tired because she'd stayed up too late, in order to finish the book she was reading. "I was almost done! If I hadn't finished it last night, I wouldn't have been able to read it until Christmas!" Same reason I'm "still" reading Stalin's Ghost - I'll finish it tonight if I finish my epidemiology homework - otherwise it will probably wait until Thanksgiving.

Graduation celebration might consist of
a) sleeping for a week +
b) big party +
c) spending a weekend retreat alone to read myself silly

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