Friday, September 26, 2008

The view from the other side

"It's the rhetoric of Sept. 11. … But this crisis actually has much larger dimensions than the attack against the twin towers and collapse seven years ago. Why? Because, this time, the attack on all-American doctrines is not the work of some foreign enemy. It comes from within, from the depths of the system. Largely unobstructed by its own state controls, American capitalism has created its own suicide bomber whose explosives -- derivatives -- have had an even greater effect than the flying bombs of the jihadists. The whole world -- and not just New York -- has a new ground zero now -- Wall Street." -- quoted from the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung (a center-right paper)

As I sit, taking a lunch break at our local left-wing, progressive, so-totally-not-republican cafe, the constant theme of conversation seems to be "are you going to watch the debates tonight?" Now, if only they'll listen to the debates for reasons other than self-justification.

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Anonymous said...

What an interesting way to look at the economic crisis. I suspect that al-Qaeda, by attacking the WTC towers (an economic center) had hoped to throw our economy into chaos. They managed to damage it, for sure. Anyone remember all the struggling airlines? It took several years for our economy to regain its balance and it did so partly as a result of the Iraq war.

As I've said before, if humans had not developed money as their way to define value and develop commerce, we wouldn't be in this pickle.... We use an instrument of our own devising to hurt ourselves...sounds really emotionally unstable to me....(smile)

I watched the debate last night -- wrote about it at my blog -- and heard nothing new. Most of it was pretty darn boring, actually.