Saturday, September 6, 2008


Vor allem Schwarz und Weiß und Grau
vergesse ich manchmal
die bunten Farben in meinem Leben
Du bist für mich
weder Schwarz nor Weiß
sondern Rot und Blau und
meine Lust und Freude


Anonymous said...

Wie suess! Du bist eine Dichterin....

Gopher MPH said...

everything I remember is in English, regardless of which language it was.

my mother-in-law saw this on a piece of paper in my car. She said it sounded like something one would write to a lover. I said, I wrote it for Peter. She didn't say anything else afterwards. I don't know if she was surprised or at a loss of words or what. I had a brief pause of 'should I claim that Peter was my lover?' followed by 'well, he's my husband now, it's rather moot at this point'.

I'm glad you liked it. I really, really liked the art - since Schwartz, Weiss and Farben were the 3 largest words.

Peter T said...

"weder Schwarz noch Weiß"
are most prominent in the picture. I guess they have to work on it.