Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just so much fun ...

As Mr. Healthy Gopher observed, the longer Palin is in the race, the funnier she becomes. Funny like bizarre.

Palin: "community organizer? what's that? who cares? I am a governor"

Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

The following observations are from one of the news blogs here during McSame/Palin's shindig up in Blaine yesterday:
  • This woman scares me, I don't see how any foreign leader can take her seriously. I'd buy Avon from her, but not vote for her for serious office. It's like the Ketchup couple woman on A Prairie Home Companion running for office. Maybe I need some ketchup with its mellowing agents to calm down.
  • When this over so I can turn my radio back on? I really find it annoying to listen to someone this stupid. It's like listening to Bush speak.
  • Gov Palin says "We'll never forget we're there to work for you. It's about you. I've never forgotten who I'm accountable to." ... As long as 'you' and 'the rule of law' aren't the same things.
Placard/protest signs from Alaska Women Reject Palin protest in Ancorage, AK last Sunday. Which, if the head-count of 1,500 is correct, means that 1/4 of a percent of the entire state population was there.

Bush in a skirt
McCain/Palin - Unstable & Unable
Real Leaders don't have to Cram for the Interview
Pittbulls make poor Diplomats
Wrong Woman, Wrong Message
Hocky Mom for Obama
Sarah Palin: Fundamentally Wrong
Bristol Got to Choose: Why Don't We?
I Support My Choice (very pregnant woman holding sign)
Another Bush We Can't Trust (now, I'm not 100% sure how to take this, but I'll assume the artist was willing to be subtle, and consider this awfully, awfully damned funny)
I'll Need Reproductive Rights One Day (8-yr old girl holding sign)
I Don't Like Hockey! Figure skating Moms 4 Obama

Potential amendment to my Election Rules:

A multi-partisan commission will be established.
It will review advertisements and speeches.
The accuracy of claims will be established, regarding what the candidate claims to have done or what the opponents have done.

The commission will awards points for false statements. It will aware more points for each time the statement/ad is repeated after the first issuance of points.

For every 10,000 points you get, your side loses one electoral vote.

The above amendment is from bigalmn at MPR's blog, who added: "If we did this today both sides would likely be in the negative electoral votes overall and the Independence Party would win by default since they have no money to spend on advertising and get no press attention."


Anonymous said...

Palin and Biden are scheduled to debate a week from tomorrow. I'm thinking of skipping Stammtisch to watch it. Biden's challenge will be to NOT seem condescending or patronizing toward Palin and it will be hard. I was appalled to read in "Time" magazine that Palin had no idea what the VP does. Now how smart is it to accept a job offer without knowing what the job is? Sheesh....

I used to respect McCain for his Vietnam service and for being a straight shooter in the Senate. But he lost a lot of my respect when he chose Palin and chose to put ideology and politics first, not the country. Where is his honor now?

"Mr." Healthy Gopher -- I have this image of a gopher family in a city duplex with two little gophers running around in the yard. There's a children's book in this somewhere....

Gopher MPH said...

Now that you mention it, I can see two cute little gophers running around the yard. Albeit, gophers are really, really not cute. hmmmm... maybe you could get into the children's literature field? :)