Monday, May 18, 2009

[def.] Terrorism

We should be careful about what we label terrorism. Bombs, planes, and wanton death are too easy to label. The suicide bombers in downtown Tel Aviv; the roadside IEDs in Iraq; September 11th*.
*It annoys me when people call it 9-11, as if it's some secret code, some short-hand notation. It is of sufficiently grave importance, that we ought to take the time to speak the whole thing. No one refers to Pearl Harbor (quite seriously a much graver attack on our nation) as 12/7. Roosevelt didn't say "12/7 is a day that will go down in infamy".

How about Bernie Madov? He personally destroyed thousands of people's futures. Should I believe no one has committed suicide as a consequence of this? How is this not terrorism?

AIG, Lehman Bros., CitiCorp, and all the other usurous evil evil evil SOBs ... am I supposed to believe that isn't terrorism? They have without any doubt whatsoever destroyed America's power in the world waaaaaaay more than Al Quaida. Hell, the world at large poured out sympathy for us on September 12th. No one is going to give a good goddamn rat's ass that our economy is tanking after we let the pestilential plague of leeches loose on our citizens. Fellow citizens, we did that to ourselves.

Despite the self-inflicted nature of the economic disaster ... we created the environment that fermented the situation. But Madov and the CEOs of MegaBankCorp are the terrorists which have attacked and destroyed our country's security. Mexicans crossing the border? Who the f* cares, compared to Mr.Gopher's 401k being decimated?


Anonymous said...

Actually, the world cares a LOT about our tanking economy because the global economy is affected. So, Iceland goes bankrupt -- an entire country! -- banks fail in the U.K., other countries don't want to give the U.S. credit, and on and on. Our tanking economy has affected far more than just Americans' 401Ks.

Yes, I think Bernie Madoff is an economic terrorist. I'd read somewhere after Sept. 11 that al-Qaeda picked the World Trade Center in NYC because of all the financial companies with offices there -- it would be an attack on the economy and therefore an attack in defense of the poor and disadvantaged of the world. Like playing King of the Mountain....

Gopher MPH said...

My idea was that they have no emotional care. After the terrorist attacks, the rest of the world (mostly) was sympathetic to us as (mostly) innocent victims of someone's insane hatred.

The economy tanking? They have no sympathy for us. We are not some innocent victim of foreign hatred. We're collective idiots who think with our credit balances rather than our brains. Their sympathy is for themselves. Who, yes, are going down the tubes with us due to the intertwined global economy.

The whole relationship between credit & reality is disturbing.