Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Healthy Gopher's Food Rules

If you need a chemistry degree to decypher the ingredients list, you shouldn't eat it.

If a chemist doesn't know what it is without consulting an MSDS, you definitely shouldn't eat it.

If you're told "You'll get used to the taste" ... you shouldn't.

When in doubt about it's biological origin, don't eat it.

If it won't decompose - don't eat it.
corollary: if bacteria/fungi won't eat it, you shouldn't either

If the only nutrient on the label is sugar and you don't think it's candy ... you shouldn't eat it.

Given the choice between:

butter & margarine - pick butter.
100% fat is 100% fat. Might as well get the good tasting natural stuff. Ever heard of organic margarine?

sugar & anything else that is supposed to 'sweeten' food - pick sugar.
Sugar = sugar cane, molasses, & honey. Sugar does not equal corn products.

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