Thursday, May 21, 2009

[rev] Duplicity

Okay, so Clive Owen might get me to see it - but Tom Wilkinson & Paul Giamatti make the movie. One little flash of foreshadowing caught my eye, and managed to keep dragging my attention back to it throughout the film - with the culmination revolving around the one point I expected. It was still glorious to see how the story arrived at the conclusion.

Two spies (MI5 & CIA) meet, screw & then screw each other (well, actually, he just gets screwed). A chance meet up later finds them back in bed & pondering the price of the luxury around them. A $40,000,000 price ticket seems feasible with their skill sets.

They go to work for bitter rival corporations to steal/sell secrets. ... Wilkinson & Giamatti being the corporate owners. These two actors are beautiful in their parts. Roberts & Owen are pleasant. It is a mildly amusing film with a good story line. Who is going to get caught by which company?

The juxtaposition between the two spies' stories and their current roles was nicely played out. Especially since the Owen/Roberts relationship is the reverse gender roles as one might have expected 40 years ago.

There isn't anything truly amazing to analyze or observe. It's a nice movie which doesn't require tons of brain power.

Definitely see it on video.

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