Thursday, May 7, 2009

Josie's salad

chick peas
black beans
cherry tomatoes
chunks of red onions
chunks of red pepper
olive oil
lemon juice
salt to taste

it's a pretty colorful dish. Serve cold.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE chickpeas. It's my continuing sorrow that I cannot eat legumes right now because I love them all.

I've made a zucchini salad:

small to med. zucchini sliced in quarter-inch slices
diced tomato (could also use cherry tomatoes)
diced green pepper
diced onion
crumbled Feta cheese
olive oil and red wine vinegar vinagrette

It's delish cold....

Gopher MPH said...


I might need to make food a more common posting.

As R.J. in Over the Hedge observed about humans: "We [the animals] eat to live; they live to eat."

I hope your diet gets back to being broader in scope. I was actually thinking of you (as well as my stomach) when I asked Josie about this. Fresh is best - and recipies like this are ideal for Summer: really no prep other than chopping, serve cold, easy to scale up/down, or leave out undesired items (chickpeas).