Sunday, May 24, 2009

How far for diapers?

Honey, I had to drive to Wisconsin to get diapers...

Well, we were looking across the St. Croix River at Wisconsin. Interstate Park straddles the river between Swede-land and Cheese-land. Uh... Minnesota and Wisconsin.

You think your state's potholes are big? Ha! This one is 15 feet across! And 20 feet deep!

These 'potholes' are the feature of the park. The other picture didn't turn out so well. These are truly stunning geologic formations.

It was basically a stunningly beautiful day. Blue clear skies, 75 degrees, balmy, and - Praise Be To God - no mosquitoes. The boys had a good time. Jr.Gopher #1 took this like a trooper. Jr.Gopher #2 got about 8/10 mile before he hit the point of crankiness and "up! up! up!"

Mr. Gopher, of course, could have left us all in the dust... This isn't quite on par with the Alps or northern Sweden.

The boys ...


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